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Yes, it’s polite to ask this question. In many cases, the question “How are you?” is asked by people who have a genuine interest in us. That is why this question is constantly being asked in Israel.

But what should we say in response? Can the answer simply be a shrug? Because even if I or we are doing well personally, our country and our people are not doing well at all. More than three hundred people aged between ten months and 85 years have been in the hands of Hamas for more than a month; in the hands of brutal people who lack all compassion. A pregnant woman probably gave birth while being held hostage.

Even six weeks after the massacre, the remains of people are still being searched for in villages around the Gaza Strip. About fifty families are waiting for news of their loved ones who are missing. In the meantime, archaeologists have been asked for help because they are the only ones who can still find and identify human remains in burnt-out cars and homes.

Soldiers are buried every day. Since October 7, almost four hundred of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and grandsons and granddaughters have fallen. For weeks, young mothers have been alone with their small children, fearing for their husbands and fathers.

At least 230,000 Israelis had to be evacuated due to the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Those who fled to Eilat from the places of horror on October 7 must now hear sirens and run to shelters there as well, because the Houthis from Yemen have joined the attack on Israel.

The survivors have not only lost their loved ones, but sometimes also their legs, eyes or hands. Many are on the edge of their strength and close to a nervous breakdown. The harvest is rotting in the fields.

The EU and America see no alternative to the head of the Palestinian Authority, Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, when it comes to the Gaza Strip after the war. And he never tires of telling anyone who will listen that it was the Israelis themselves who committed the massacres on October 7. Yes, and then Amnesty International accuses us of being war criminals again…

How are we doing? You better not ask us!

„Am Israel hay! – The people of Israel lives!“

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By Published On: November 24, 20231.9 min read

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