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When a rainbow appears in the sky, we draw each other’s attention to it and rejoice. Recently, its colors appear as a symbol of the LGBT community and its supporters. For example, in late summer in connection with a referendum in Switzerland, where the issue was the equality of same-sex couples. It was particularly noticeable in the summer during the European Football Championship. When FIFA refused to interfere in the Hungarian government’s decision, many soccer fans, as well as companies such as Volkswagen or, professed their support for the “rainbow colors” in their advertisements.

What do the Bible and Judaism say about the rainbow sign?

The Bible records that the rainbow appeared after God’s terrible judgment through the Flood. It was the sign of the covenant that the Lord unilaterally made with Noah’s family, his descendants and all living creatures, birds, cattle and all animals and the earth. Never again would He wipe them all out with a flood. God promised that He would remember this covenant every time a rainbow appears in heaven.

In Hebrew, the rainbow is called the “arch in the cloud”. Just as a bow with its two ends pointing down announces the end of a battle, so the rainbow with its ends pointing down announces the end of God’s wrath. From this, Jews conclude that the rainbow is a sign of God’s wrath, which, however, is not expressed by a new Flood because He has committed Himself to it.

Therefore, a generation that has not seen a rainbow is called a righteous generation. When a rainbow appears in the sky, a special blessing is to be said: “Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who remember the covenant, remain faithful to Your covenant, and keep Your promise.”

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By Published On: October 25, 20211.5 min read

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