We wish to help the worldwide Body of Christ to better understand its relationship with the Jewish people and calling towards Israel.

The Prophet Isaiah (40:1) calls to “comfort my people.” Those human beings whom he addresses are obviously distinct from the nation of Israel, but still have a personal relationship with the God of Israel.

In his epistle to Romans the Apostle Paul argues that the very purpose of the salvation of the Gentile nations is “to make Israel envious” (Romans 11:11).

Our goal is to promote an understanding of the social and political situation in Israel, also in the context of its neighbors.

We see the Word of the living God, as it is revealed in the Bible, as the crucial guideline.

We view ourselves as facilitators with a special attention to small grassroots groups and organizations.

The Lord will not disown his people, for his great names sake.” (1 Samuel 12:22)