What do I need to know, if I’d like to invite you for a lecture?

For organizing a lecture we’ll need the following data:

     1. The exact time (day, hour) of the event,
     2. The exact location (postal code, town, street, house number)
     3. The topic, you wish us to talk about and
     4. A responsible contact person (name, phone number, e-mail-address).

An appointment for a lecture is committing for both sides if registered on the list of upcoming events on our website.

Please, as an organizer of an event check all data of your event – and let us know immediately if you find any inaccuracies or misunderstandings.

Posters or flyers designed for previous events can be downloaded from my Dropbox. Please, make sure that you do not take over any old data. The current personal descriptions of Krista and Johannes can be found on our website under “About us”. If you adopt pictures from earlier layouts, it would be good to ask us again if we have the publishing rights.

Portrait images of Johannes, also for publication purposes, may be downloaded directly from Perry Trotter Photography. Please, attribute to “Perry Trotter”.

We are grateful if organizers provide us with accommodation for the night after the event, in a hotel or in a comparable private accommodation that offers privacy.

How does it work with the fee? – First and foremost, what we have basically decided concerning the financing of our ministry also applies to the lectures we give. Therefore, no meaningful project will fail because of the costs involved, and we will not be dictated by money what we should or should not do. We are tackling a number of projects that do not pay off financially. That’s why we are grateful for any financial support.

Again and again, however, inviting organizers want to know what such an evening costs. And in fact, our work has its price. That’s why I figured out that I would have to ask for a lecture in Israel about 300 Euro, for a lecture in Europe about 1 000 Euro.

A dear friend of our ministry suggested, we should ask for a lecture here in Israel 250 Euro for a tour group of less than 20 people, and 500 Euro if its more than 20 people; for a lecture in Europe 1 000 Euro. A tour operator, who is a friend of ours, calculates 10 Euro per person in his tour groups for the lecture from us.

I suggested to a group of young people, who had a hard time with this question: “Think about how much you would spend on an exciting movie night with popcorn and coke per person... I promise you to invest more than the man in the cinema who tears the tickets at the entrance and then turns on the projector...”

So yes, our work costs. But ultimately it is important to us that we will have a good time together and your people have a real profit from it. Each of the above options is right for us. Talk to us!