Partner Financially

Our whole ministry is being financed by voluntary donations.

If you wish to support us, there are the following possibilities.

Donations in Germany are tax-deductible, if they are paid by bank transfer to

          TS gemeinnützige UG
          IBAN: DE70 6665 0085 0007 0085 46
          BIC: PZHSDE66XXX

or to

          Christliche Freunde Israels in OWL e.V. Konto Gerloff
          IBAN: DE37 4726 0121 8284 2702 02
          BIC: DGPBDE3MXXX

In Switzerland, donations will be tax deductible if they are being sent to:

          Aktion Verzicht, Hauptstrasse 6, 4522 Rüttenen
          PC 80-30596-8
          IBAN: CH89 0900 0000 8003 0596 8

and designated explicitly to “Vortragsdienst Johannes Gerloff”.

In order to make the procedures most cost effective, we have agreed with these organizations that you will not hear from them other than for an all-inclusive receipt for one whole year at the beginning of a new year. This receipt will be valid for the tax authorities.

You may also support us directly here in Israel, through

However, for money transfered via PayPal donation receipts valid for your income tax refund are not possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to contact us.