Israel‘s Handling of COVID-19

Genesis of the Term Palestine

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“Full Normalization” Between Israel and the UAE

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Opportunities of the Corona Crisis

The Borders of the Land of Israel from the Perspective of the Bible

Israel and the Corona Virus

Abortions in Israel

The Accusation of Racism as Means in Political Dispute

Trump’s Deal of the Century

Judaeophobia in Transition

A good year

Once Again: Elections 2019

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Success Guaranteed. Psalm 1 – Part Five

Netanyahu’s Achilles’ Heel

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The Elections to the 21st Knesset of the State of Israel

Bundestag Soup Kitchen

Run-Up to the Knesset Elections 2019

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The Land, the People, the Nations and the Holiness of God’s Name

Europe’s Insane “Trump-o-phobia”

Anniversary: Eighty years of “Pogrom Night”

“Peace upon Israel”

The Greatest Threat to the Mideast

Palestinian Schoolbooks: Demonizing and Delegitimizing the Jewish State of Israel

Israel’s National State Law: What’s All This Fuss About?

Israel’s Nation-State Law

The First Step to Happiness. Psalm 1 – Part One

When does Israel celebrate its 70th birthday?

Israel at 70: How the Existence of the State of Israel Changed the World

Israel at 70: … and its Arab Neighbors

Israel At 70: Challenges and Dangers

The Danger from the North

Russian Roulette or Russian Ballet?

Why the Skirmish in the North?

A Czech Israeli: Hugo Marom

Who Owns Jerusalem?

Really Blessed. Psalm 2 – Part eight

Trump and Jerusalem

Questions, Questions and No Answers

The Strike towards the “Day of Rage”

The Outcry. Psalm 2 – Part seven

Under the Radar: Surprising New Connections in the Middle East

The Command to Be Joyful: “Succoth” and “Simchat Torah”

„Yom Kippur“ – The Day of Atonement

“Sleehot” and “Yamim Nora’im”: A Call for Reconciliation

The Fast of Gedalia

The Jewish New Year: “Rosh HaShanah” of the Year 5778 after Creation of the World

Fifty Years After the Six-Day-War: Arab Attitudes Towards Israel

A Cruel Assignment. Psalm 2 – Part six

What Remains of the “Two-State-Solution” 50 Years after the Six-Day-War

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Do Christians have a Responsibility for Israel?

Jerusalem Re-United – 50 Years in Retrospective

Dreadfully Direct. Psalm 2 – Part Four

Reassuringly Ridiculous. Psalm 2 – Part Three

Scarifying Shambolic. Psalm 2 – Part Two

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„Sola gratia“ – Or: What Connects Jews And Christians

The People, the Land and the Bible. Who Owns the Land of Israel?

“If I forget you, O Jerusalem…” – Why Jerusalem is so important to the Jewish people

“Aliyah,” the Ascension

Rendezvous with the “Land Thief”

The Priestly Blessing – Birkat HaKohanim

Negotiations Make Sense

Are We Too Easily Taken In?

A Blessed Co-operation

Bargaining with God

“Magen David” – The Star of David

The Two-State Solution – a Magic Formula or a Utopian Dream?

Foreign Policy with Grittiness

Designing Maps or Reaching Destinations?

Mea Shearim, its Campfires – and the Visit of Pope Benedict XVI

Threat from Iran: “In eleven days we will destroy Israel” – And the world is silent

“Gabriel’s Vision”: Joseph’s Son as the suffering Messiah

The Jewish Carneval

Abu Ghosh: Mecca of Culinary Delights

Bomb Attacks in Istanbul

Ten Years after Oslo

Total War. A Profile of the Radical Islamic Hamas Movement

The End of the Hudna

New Hope for the Middle East?

Ghetto Wall or Protection Against Terror?

New Retreat Centre Opened in Beit Jala

Media Star of Hamas

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Life in the Shadow of Terror – in the Shadow of the Almighty

Condemned to a Holy War: The Jewish State as a problem to Islam

A Worldwide Search for Identity