was born in 1963. He has been Middle East correspondent for German language media for nearly two decades. During this time, he covered the Second Intifada, the evacuation of Jewish settlements from the Gaza strip and the Second Lebanon War among other events and has travelled throughout Israel’s neighboring countries and beyond.

Johannes Gerloff grew up in the Black Forest in Southern Germany, studied theology in Stuttgart and Tübingen/Germany, Vancouver BC/Canada and Prague/Czech Republic. He is married to Krista, who grew up near Prague. They have been living with their five children in Israel since 1994.

Johannes Gerloff writes and teaches on current affairs concerning Israel and its surrounding countries and theological issues for media in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. He has authored several books.

Johannes Gerloff’s lectures include up-dates on the current situation in the Middle East, but also teachings concerning Christian-Jewish relations and the meaning of the Jewish people and its return to the Land of Israel from a biblical perspective.

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